Making Better Teachers

making better teachers

Last week, I was interviewed by Kevin O’Shea who is currently working in Beijing, China as a PYP/Nature/Outdoor educator.

Kevin it the host of the BRAND NEW Making Better Teachers Podcast 

From following Kevin on Twitter and listening to his podcast it is obviousl that Kevin is a learner – and has this thirst for wanting to know more. Through his podcast his has explored a number of issues with regards to education and the different perspectives in varying contexts in education.

He contacted me to talk about our #ISHCMCIB model of self-directed learning in our #ISHCMCIB Primary PYP setting.  It was a pleasure sharing some of the great work our educators are doing at our school, and an honor to talk to Kevin and his followers.

If you would like to follow Kevin on Twitter, his handle is @MadForMaple

His wordpress site is: 

“What does student centered learning look like? Where is it going? In this episode we speak to Tania Mansfield, PYP Coordinator at International School Ho Chi Minh City about their Studio model of student centered learning. What is it? How was it developed and where is it going? “

Following the podcast, I realised that there were so many more educators and schools exploring the concept of AGENCY and pushing the boundaries of education, that I had failed to mention. So I have begun to compile a “Connections for Change”list for others to connect to.

There are also a number of ever growing educators on Twitter that I have begun to save in “Twitter Lists” and you are welcome to add to these lists.

This is not an exhaustive list and I ask that if I have missed some amazing blogs, educators, schools, twitter feeds that you please add to this so that we may all continue to learn.



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