Guest post: Student agency, change and pushing boundaries (by Rebecca Tupling)

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resumephotoRebecca Tupling is an Early Years (Prep) teacher at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. As an Early Years advocate, she promotes awareness of the importance of play-based and inquiry thinking within the foundational years of school through workshops and presentations. She is an IBEN member and leads workshops for the IB, and recently presented at EARCOS on learning strategies in the Early Years. Follow Rebecca on Twitter @RebeccaTupling.

It seems each year there is a new buzzword in education. You will be familiar with words such as ‘differentiation’, ‘flipped learning’, ‘growth mindset’, ‘grit’, ‘innovation’ and more recently ‘student agency’. With each new concept, there is an expectation to implement and master quickly, often without really understanding what the buzzword actually means.

“Student agency refers to the level of control, autonomy, and power that a student experiences in an educational situation. Student agency can be manifested in the…

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