This post was originally posted on The space of Jeans

At a recent IB Conference, Jayne Pletser leaves me with these profound words, “Honour the child”. Which leads me to ponder, what, at the end of the lesson/ day/ week/ term/ school year, do we do to honour the child?

As the teacher, do we

  • Feel inspired, passionate and care about who and what we are teaching?
  • Know our learners – as people?
  • Know what we believe about learning – how, why and when it happens?
  • Buy into the learning principles and beliefs of the school at which we teach?
  • Care? About the who, how, why and what we are teaching?
  • Consider learning above teaching?

Do we ensure that the child

  • Has a point of entry for learning?
  • Feels safe to ask questions and make mistakes?
  • Understands the value of being in the learning pit?
  • Is inspired by the provocations that we share?
  • Is “allowed” to be a person – to eat, drink, sit, think … learn in the ways that are right?
  • Knows that people care – without having praise and judgement guide their days?

If we have this as our mantra, what more will we do, every day, to HONOUR THE CHILD?