Interviews: nerve-wracking, right?

Hey interviewers! I’m a nervous wreck talking to you, hiding behind a confident smile, my best business outfits, and an earnest desire to paint you a picture of who I am and where I’m at in my professional growth journey. I know I’m supposed to be studying your toughest questions, but I wanna share the questions I’ve been asked that get me talking excitedly and candidly about what I’m REALLY all about:

-Tell me about your current class.

-What was the last educational blog post/article/book you read that you connected to?

-What do you bring to a diverse community of collaborators?

These are the questions that make me forget about my blazing insecurities and fears for a moment, and speak candidly about what I really know, think, and wonder.

What are your favorite interview questions?!

BUT WAIT! My thoughts are sending me a bit deeper still, though: Why are interviews so un-innovative? It’s a traditional model that frequently ignores a need for trust, relationship-building, and connection. What else do teacher recruiters do to find out if a candidate is truly a good fit, in spite of the sparkle of extroversion and woo, or lack thereof?

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