Soaring high in to the inquiry…

Today I read such an amazing post by David Gostelow . I personally believe an inquiry class room should be noisy, at times quiet.Every one should be engaged with their own learning.

In my classroom, kids select their own inquiries. I generally encourage group work. Sometimes independent inquiry.

Quiet time only happens when kids are reading in my class. They use noise meter to check their voice level depending upon their situation. It’s really a joy to see them in collaboration.

I was actually thinking, Is Agency new to PYP? If we see our classrooms , students were always inclined towards agency. They start their inquiry with their questions “What do they want to know “? What skills will they develop in the course of time? Reflecting upon their actions.

My kids, during our class room essentials agreement, mentioned that they will bring some new learning to share with their peers every Monday, and they religiously followed up. Wasn’t that agency?

As David said that kids are born inquirers so let them pilot their own learning however I strongly believe in giving feedback.

Our job is to give them constructive feedback so that they soar high with their inquiry and Learning. They get good insight to tackle their challenges.

Sometimes I feel kids will excel for sure in future, our job is to join their learning journey as a guide, as an expert and make their journey meaningful, joyful and more over stress free.

When I connected with my learning journey I realised that my own learning helped me the most and encouragement,appreciation mattered. I believe that, for any learners appreciation works like magic. However one should learn to see their learning critically. They should move ahead with changes and new understanding. That is what a PYP teacher’s role is in students learning.

I totally agree with Mindshift ” “. It was a brilliant post of a PYP student’s success journey which proves the importance of free inquiry and also how important is to acquire the necessary skills and understandings to be successful with this increased agency over learning.

I somehow connect with few lines of the post where they mentioned “we begin in a Structured Inquiry model, transition to a Controlled Inquiry, continue to a Guided Inquiry and, if all goes well, conclude with a Free Inquiry.” It seems to me journey from EY to PYP exhibition. In PYP exhibitions students mostly indulge into open inquiry.

Open inquiry is associated with high order thinking skills. Which gradually students develop during their PYP years. According to Bloom’s Taxonomy, “The ability to analyses, synthesize and evaluate information or new understanding indicates a high level of thinking.”

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