Learners are more valued than students….

The word AGENCY is a well-known word to all, however, still doubtful for many of us. Agency to me is the empowerment of students who are capable of understanding any issues and ready to take actions pertaining to their acquired knowledge.

For me, it`s the choice of an individual for bringing changes to their surroundings for the betterment of life.

But the questions come when I talk about agency in PYP and early years. How do they understand agency? How do we introduce this word?

Often we end up guiding students for societal issues, even planning their speeches . Instead of providing them opportunities to find out problems on their own and think upon. In my class, one of my students faced bullying and thought of guiding other students how to deal with such situations. I arranged a workshop for her and we all were patiently listening to her. Bingo; AGENCY!!

I remember during the kite making competition one of my students designed a kite instead of making. When I asked why he thought of doing that, he replied: “Winning is not everything, sometimes we should do what we like”.  I call it VOICE!

Students must know about their rights and responsibilities as a student and as a citizen. This will help them in decision-making and take proper action. Here I see the importance of IB attitudes. We all know that IB-PYP Attitudes helps students to develop a positive attitude towards people and the environment. But I am bit concern about current changes in IB attitudes.

To reach their goal, students must learn to adapt these attitudes and must reflect how they know they possess these attitudes. Students must follow attitude continuum to reflect and justify their role on daily basis. Until they know their role, rights and responsibility AGENCY seems to be a FANCY word.

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